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The Pure Brilliance™  Princess NOVALLUMINA is a square shaped stone characterized with sharp pointed corners and perfectly square 1:1 proportions. It is a gem that is a mix of a brilliant and stepped cuts. The facets at the top of the stone (crown) are stepped cut and the facets at the bottom of the stone (pavilion) are brilliant cut giving this gem it's unique appearance. The princess cut moissanite comes in sizes and is cut in 0.5mm increments from 4.0mm up to 12.0mm and in 1.0mm increments from 12.0mm to 14.0mm.

Pure Brilliance™ Princess

$395.00 Regular Price
$335.75Sale Price
  • Cut: Princess

    Clarity: IF - VVS

    Color: DEF - GHI

    Comes with the NOVALLUMINA certificate of authenticity.


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    NOTE: Gem Carat Weight is listed as Diamond Equivalent Weigh