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The Pure Brilliance™ Round NOVALLUMINA is the most popular gem shape with the traditional round brilliant cut. It has 58 facets to maximize the stone's fire and brilliance and is cut to ideal proportions with perfect optical symmetry, polish and maximum light performance. These stones feature a visual pattern of eight modified “hearts” visible through the bottom of the stone (pavilion) and eight symmetrical  “arrows” when the stone is viewed from the top (crown). The Pure Brilliance™ Round NOVALLUMINA comes in the following industry standard sizes: 5.0mm to 14.0mm as well as in 3.0mm to 4.5mm. We also cut the round shape in melee dimensions ranging from 0.9mm to 2.9mm. If you are interested in the sizes not listed on this page, please contact us at

Pure Brilliance™ Round

$295.00 Regular Price
$265.50Sale Price