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The Pure Classics™ Round Old European Cut NOVALLUMINA is a "transitional cut" as it has derived it's distinct look from an Old Mine Cut. It is the predecessor of today's modern round brilliant cut characterized by a high crown, deep pavilion, small table and medium to large culet that is visible when looking at the centre of the stone. It is a predecessor of the modern brilliant cut gems. The large facets of this shape, give it a very distinct look and provide crisp, broad flashes of light creating sharp brilliance even in the dimmest of light conditions.

Pure Classics™ Round Old European

  • Cut: Old European Round

    Clarity: VVS

    Color: EF


    Comes with the NOVALLUMINA certificate of authenticity.


    All prices in $ U.S. Dollars. Use our currency converter at the bottom of this page to see how much this item costs in your currency.


    NOTE: Gem Carat Weight is listed as Diamond Equivalent Weight. Moissanite actual weight is lower than that of a Diamond, however the dimensions provided equal to the Ideal Cut Diamond proportions.

  • All of our gems go through a triple point inspection before being sent out to ensure their perfect quality. However, if you are not fully satisfied with your loose stone purchase, NOVALLUMINA has a 10 day return policy for full refund, excluding shipping charges and restocking fees.


    Items marked as FINAL SALE  or SPECIALTY CUT are not eligible for return and refund.


    NOTE: Please read our TERMS for additional details as conditions apply.


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