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The Pure You™ Collection is all about our custom cuts. From perfect 10 Hearts & Arrows, Portugese Cut, Brilliant Hearts, Trapezoids, Trilliants, Triangles, Millenium Cushions, Single and Double Rose Rounds, Ovals and Pears to shapes and cuts that express your individuality and personal needs. If you are looking for that unique shape, size and cut, but we do not offer it in our Pure Moissanite Collections, please contact us and we will cut that special stone just for you. We can cut our round shapes as small as 0.7 mm up to 20 mm, so don't be shy and send us a message if that is what you need. Our moissanite cutters belong to the elite of world gem cutters with over 15 years of experience and they can bring any of your dream cuts to reality with expert precision and skill.


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