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Like diamonds, moissanite is graded for COLOUR, CLARITY, CUT and CARAT. However, moissanite has two more C's on top of diamond's 4. These are COST and CHOICE, which give this incredible gem a big advantage, making it a more attractive and affordable option than diamonds when it comes to high end jewellery. 



Moissanite comes in variety of colours. Diamonds are graded and certified based on GIA set colour chart from D to Z, D being the whitest and Z displaying a pronounced yellow tint. Moissanite's colour is also graded in a similar fashion and closely follows the commonly set colour standards, but in most cases it is offered in a colourless range (D,E,F) and near colourless (G, H, I, J) on a diamond colour scale.  Moissanite also comes in a variety of designer or fancy colours such as light yellow, yellow, champagne, light pink, pink, light blue, blue, blue-green, light green, green, grey and even black, so this spectacular jewel provides plenty of choice to today's consumers. 

Diamond & Moissanite Colour-Chart


Jewellery grade Moissanite has almost perfect clarity. Clarity refers to the number of inclusions, natural marks or imperfections in a gem or lack there of. This includes both surface and internal inclusions and cracks that can be seen either under magnification or with the naked eye. Diamond GIA clarity grading ranges from FL (flawless), IF, VVS (1,2), VS (1,2), SI (1,2,3) and I (1,2,3). In most cases, natural diamonds available for sale in the jewellery industry will have some sort of inclusions, many of which can be seen with the naked eye. The presence of inclusions runs consumer a higher risk of gem breakage or cleaving at a pretty high cost. Moissanite gems currently available on the market come in clarity that is in most cases far superior to that of diamonds. Since moissanite is grown much like man made diamonds in lab environments, inclusions are also present, however they range in VVS to VS and are so small that they need to be identified with a 10x magnification, making them "eye clean" and far more resilient to breakage, cleaving and cracking than diamonds. 

Diamond & Moissanite Clarity Chart



Carat is a standard measurement of weight of precious gems. Most of us have heard of CARAT in conjunction with diamond weight as it is a rough indication of a gem's physical size. The lower the carat, the smaller the gem and lower price while higher carat means bigger gem and a higher price.  One (1.00) carat of a diamond equals 200 mg and if it is cut to ideal proportions it will measure 6.5 mm in diameter (round shape), 2.00 carat diamond is 400 mg and measures 8 mm in diameter (round shape).  In addition carats are split into points where 100 points are equal to one (1.00) carat., so for example ½ carat diamond = 50 points which is equivalent to 0.50 carat stone, ¼ carat diamond = 25 points or 0.25 carat stone. 

Moissanite is 18% lighter than diamond, so one carat of a moissanite weighs between 166-170 mg which translates to 0.83 - 0.85 carat of diamond equivalent weight (DWE). To express DEW, moissanite is cut to physical measurements that of an ideal cut diamond. So this means that a one (1.00) carat moissanite weights 0.83 - 0.85 carat DEW, but still measures 6.5 mm in diameter (round) making both one (1.00) carat diamond and one (1.00) carat moissanite visually appear as the same exact size. For this reason, moissanite size is expressed in mm rather than in carat.

Round Moissanite Sizse Comparison Chart


Cut is one of the most important C's of all and it refers to gem's proportion and finish. During the cutting process, a rough stone is faceted and polished into a brilliant gem. Facets give precious gems life. They are the tiny flat planes shaped in various geometric patterns cut all around the stone's surface and positioned at precise angles to bounce light inside the gem giving it a brilliant sparkle. 

With most moissanite stones coming in at E-J colour and with their amazing clarity, the cut is what gives the stone it's final beauty.  Facets are precisely cut into the stone to bring out the gem's unrivaled brilliance. Even most diamonds can't keep up with the sparkle of a perfectly cut moissanite! Highly skilled gem cutters facet moissanite gems to ideal cut standards and proportions to maximize the gem's fiery brilliance. A perfect cut equals higher light dispersion of a rainbowy sparkle and greater brilliance of a stone.


Moissanite Cut Sape Chart


Where cost is considered, moissanite has diamond beat by a mile.  


Imagine falling in love with an ideal cut Hearts & Arrows 2.00 carat round diamond with a VVS clarity and E-F colour.  You look at the $30,000+ price tag, take a deep breath and with a heavy heart you leave that stone behind. Your heart wants that stone, but your budget only allows you to buy a diamond of a half carat (0.5ct), ideal cut Hearts & Arrows with VVS2 clarity and H colour for $2000. The remaining portion of your budget is reserved for the ring setting. Now...what if you could still get the ideal cut Hearts & Arrows 2.00 carat gemstone with a VVS clarity and E-F colour for under $1000 and have more than enough money to choose a setting for that gorgeous stone that you really wanted, but had to give up because the price of the tiny diamond didn't really allow you to get something more elaborate. The stone is more brilliant and has more fire than a diamond, is 9.25-9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so it will last you a lifetime and can be passed on to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom for generations to come. That option is available to you today! And the stone that will meet and exceed your expectations is a NOVALLUMINA Moissanite.


The expectations for a modern engagement ring is changing as our social views, needs and personal desires are adjusting to other options that are becoming available. It is an exciting time for young couples to live in and not be confined by the stereotypical notion that the only stone that will symbolize and express their love is a diamond. So look around, research and make a choice that is right for you. Diamonds are forever, but a NOVALLUMINA Moissanite will be Always Yours.


Have you ever looked at your diamond ring or your friend's ring or a ring at a jewellers and wondered if a child, mother, father or a grandparent has lost their lives while looking for that stone? Have you ever thought of what kind of working conditions the individual who has discovered your diamond was exposed to? Or if the cutter who has shaped your gem been paid for the amazing work he did to bring out your diamond's beauty? Have you ever thought about how much land and natural environment has been destroyed just to find that specific gem and how many species of animals have been affected by the loss of their habitat as a result? If you are a person who is socially and environmentally conscious and wants a gem that represents your beliefs, moissanite is the right choice for you.  ​All moissanite, including NOVALLUMINA Artisan Moissanite are ethically grown in a highly specialized lab environments. There are no unsafe working conditions or destruction of our precious planet just to satisfy the market. Choosing a moissanite for your engagement ring or other jewellery needs is a smart option. It is an option that won't leave you wondering and give you a peace of mind. 

With NOVALLUMINA Moissanite, you also have a choice of gem shape, size, colour and clarity. By choosing one of our gems, you are saying no to overpriced, poor quality diamonds and yes to a perfectly artisan crafted gem that will make your eyes glisten with happiness every time you look at it.

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