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NOVALLUMINA Moissanite exhibits exceptional fire and brilliance and does not really require a lot of special daily care. Because our stones are non porous, they have a very high resistance to dirt, grime and of course oil deposits. Like any shiny object, if you touch your gem with your fingers, you will leave a fingerprint on it. To restore your gem to its original beauty all you need to do is give it a quick wipe with a soft NOVALLUMINA microfiber cloth and your gem will sparkle like new. However, if your gem is set in a ring or any jewellery you wear daily, we do recommend for these pieces to be cleaned once a week at home and once to twice a year professionally.


1. Have your rings inspected and cleaned by a jeweller once to twice a year. A professional can tighten your prongs and remove the debris hiding in places that are hard to reach especially with rings that have filigreen, milligrain or pave stones, Professional cleaning will always bring your rings back to life.

2. Once a week, give your ring(s) a good soak. Fill a small bowl with warm water and dish soap or a professional jewellery cleaning solution and let the rings soak for half an hour. Have a soft toothbrush handy and give your ring(s) a light scrub. Pour clean water into a separate bowl and rinse your jewellery until all soapy residue is gone, then dry your rings off with either a paper towel or a hairdryer. Your ring(s) will sparkle like new!


CAUTION: NEVER clean or rinse your rings under running water over the sink without a stopper.  With your jewellery and fingers soapy, it is easy to have it slip and fall into the drain.

3. If you are someone who owns a lot of fine jewellery and loves to have it sparkle like new at all times, you can invest in an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner. Use of such a device will ensure your rings are always in a pristine condition.


1. Do not wear your NOVALLUMINA Moissanite Rings when engaging in any activities that include gardening, cleaning (including washing dishes by hand), home repairs, painting, manual labor, sports or working out at the gym. While moissanite is a tough gem and it can withstand a lot of abuse, if struck just at the right angle, the gem may chip or break just like a diamond. In addition, the precious metal your gem is set in will damage or wear off faster with these types of activities. Precious metals can bend out of shape, which means your beautiful NOVALLUMINA Moissanite can become loose or even fall out of your setting. So please take care of your rings and store them in a safe place while you engage in these types of activities.

2. Never wear your NOVALLUMINA Moissanite Rings when handling harsh chemicals, this includes household cleaning agents or commercial grade chemicals. When precious metals come in contact with such substances, they will start to corrode. Rhodium plated rings will loose their plating faster and become dull. In addition, gold rings can start to wear down faster causing metal thinning and possibly ring breakage.

3. If you are an avid swimmer, avoid wearing your NOVALLUMINA Moissanite Rings or any fine jewellery in highly chlorinated or salty water. Both salt and chlorine will contribute to metal corrosion which may cause prongs to bend out of shape and your centre and side stones to loosen and fall out. 



To ensure your rings and jewellery look their best for a long time, whenever not worn we highly recommend you store your NOVALLUMINA Moissanite loose stones, rings or other jewellery in their original packaging or in specialized jewellery boxes lined with velvet fabric. This will ensure these pieces are not rubbing against other objects or jewellery and your moissanite is not scratching your other treasured gold pieces making them appear dull prematurely. Remember that moissanite is an extremely tough and hard gem, so if you put your ring loose with other precious metals or gems, your moissanite can and will scratch and damage other pieces you own and love.

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