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At NOVALLUMINA we are dedicated to providing you with stellar product and customer service and as such, we are offering our customers a Certificate of Authenticity with every gem over 5mm we sell on our loose NOVALLUMINA Moissanite. We are proud to offer you socially-responsible, echo-friendly alternatives for your jewellery needs that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime and pass on with pride as a family heirloom for generations to come. We want to provide you with a peace of mind, so you can own your stone with satisfaction, honor and full confidence.



We certify you have purchased a genuine artisan crafted NOVALLUMINA moissanite with truly spectacular fire, brilliance and lustre that will not alter with time.  Our moissanite is echo-friendly, conflict-free and has been manufactured in a state-of-the art facility. Our gems are crafted with the highest degree of precision and attention to detail to bring out their maximum light performance and have met the most exacting and strict quality control standards to ensure their highest quality. With its superior toughness and hardness, our moissanite is suitable for daily wear and you will feel proud to pass it on as a cherished family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come.

6 C’s of NOVALLUMINA Moissanite: Colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat, Cost and Choice



  • Guarantee that you have received a genuine NOVALLUMINA Moissanite gem.

  • Guarantee that moissanite gem you have purchased has gone through our strict inspection before it was shipped to you.

  • Guarantee that the optical and physical properties (cut, colour, clarity, polish, fire, brilliance, lustre and light performance) of the gem you have purchased are flawless in every possible way.

Reasons we do not have a LIMITED WARRANTY CARD:

  • No gemstone available on the market today (aside of some brands of moissanite) comes with a warranty, this includes diamonds and other gemstones. Since moissanite is a gemstone just like diamonds, saphires and other gems comprised of a specific chemical structure that doesn't alter by exposure to external factors, it should require no warranty either.  

  • Providing a warranty on any brand of moissanite implies that something can go wrong with your gem and since moissanite cannot physically change its appearance and has already been proven in the market since 1998, a lifetime warranty is meaningless.

  • The word “Limited” is often accompanied with a Warranty, which comes with too many conditions, and hard for consumers to understand and it only covers the physical properties of the moissanite gem such a fire, brilliance and luster. Physical damage such as chipping, breaking, scratching, abrasions as a result of misuse, abuse and improper handling of your gem or treatments and alterations performed by unauthorized jewellers while setting your gem in piece of jewellery ​OR loss or theft of your gem are NEVER covered by the Limited Warranty, rendering the warranty truly useless. It is simply a marketing tactic to have you choose a brand  a brand with warranty over a brand that does not provide it by instilling a false sense of security in you as a consumer.

  • Warranty registration is a time consuming process. If with time you loose or misplace your original proof of purchase, both your warranty and the time you have spent registering your gemstone have been wasted.  

  • Your personal details are your property and as such, NOVALLUMINA Inc. will not collect your details through the guise of a warranty registration.

We believe in our product and it's quality and as such we guarantee that our gems will maintain their superior optical properties for as long as you own them. This includes the NOVALLUMINA gem color, clarity, lustre, fire, brilliance and light performance. 

We are confident and guarantee that your stone will be defect free, so you can enjoy it and wear it with pride for a lifetime.


Always Yours 

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