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NOVALLUMINA Moissanite - Canadian Map

NOVALLUMINA is a Canadian based and owned company dedicated to  exceptional artisan quality moissanite and fine jewellery, while redefining and creating new standards within these industries. We are comitted to providing the whitest gems, designer moissanite colours and unique  cuts and shapes, filling in a growing need for luxuriously beautiful yet affordably priced gemstones in a market limited to a handful of U.S. based moissanite brands. When purchasing a NOVALLUMINA  Moissanite, you are not only getting the finest quality product, but you are also supporting growth of our Canadian brand.


Moissanite is the rarest mineral found in nature and literally traveled light years to get here from space. To offer you NOVALLUMINA Artisan Moissanite, we have sourced one of the best state-of-the-art moissanite growing labs in the world. Our gems are grown in a facility with highly specialized equipment in highly controlled environments that produce the purest and whitest moissanite crystals currently available on the market. 





NOVALLUMINA Artisan Moissanite is comprised of two different types of carbon elements - 50% Silicon and 50% Carbon which make Silicon Carbide (SiC) - and like other high end moissanite brands, has HEXOGANAL 4H-SiC Crystalline Polymorphs structure which produces the whitest gems available. Ranking with 9.25 on Mohs scale, our moissanite is exceptionally durable and can handle the stress of daily wear, making our stones extremely resistant to dulling, chipping, breaking, micro-scratching or loosing their exceptional brilliance, fire and luster.



NOVALLUMINA Artisan Moissanite is crafted with the highest degree of precision and attention to detail,  Our gems are faceted and polished by a team of master diamond and moissanite cutters with over 15 years of experience in gem cutting, capable of turning rough moissanite into true works of art. Each individual stone is cut, faceted and polished by hand to meet ideal proportions for every single shape we offer. Each stone is carefully inspected for symmetry and light performance to ensure every one of our stones reflects the light entering it with maximum brilliance, fire and luster. Our gems come in industry standard proportions as well as our Specialty Slim Lineoffering a wider range of choices. We invite you to browse through our exclusive Pure Collections and choose a brilliantly luxurious gem that will exceed your expectations.



Because we believe in choice, NOVALLUMINA Artisan Moissanite is offered in a wide range of colour - from whitest of the white colourless DEF grade stones to near colourless GHI gems and a beautiful array of light yellow, yellow, light blue, blue-green, grey and black tints. Our Designer colour gems are created with the same level of precision and dedication to permanence of colour as our colourless gems. Unlike colour coated stones delivered by other top brands, the colour of our moissanite is an integral part of the gem itself fused during the crystal growing process. This ensures that when you purchase one of our coloured gemstones, you will enjoy the unwavering brilliance and colour of your stone for years to come.

NOVALLUMINA Moissanite Colour Grades


​Gem inclusions unavoidably form during the moissanite growing process and are part of every stone available on the market today regardless of the brand. The fewer inclusions in a stone, the better light performance and resulting brilliance of the gem. The gem's hardness and structural integrity also depend on the level of inclusions in the stone.  Clarity of the NOVALLUMINA Artisan Moissanite is one of the best in the industry. Our stones go through a strict 3 point inspection to ensure only VVS 1,2 or VS 1,2 gems make it to our customers' hands. All our stones are eye clean and any inclusions present can only be seen with 10x magnification.

NOVALLUMINA Moissanite Clarity Chart


Diamonds have been ruling the engagement industry since 1940's. In the last few years, however, the view of the engagement ring and sentiment it caries has been shifting towards more affordable options and gems that come with reasonable price tag, low environmental and social impacts, yet still symbolize love one holds for the intended wearer of such ring. As the views are shifting, moissanite is emerging as a strong, luxuriously brilliant competitive force to diamonds.

All moissanite, including NOVALLUMINA Moissanite are ethically grown in a highly specialized lab environments that eliminate the destruction of our precious planet just to satisfy the market. Choosing moissanite for your engagement ring or other jewellery needs is a smart option. It is an option that won't leave you wondering and let you sleep at night with a clear conscience.  

With NOVALLUMINA Moissanite, you also have a choice of gem shape, size, colour and clarity. By choosing one of our gems, you are saying "NO" to overpriced, poor quality diamonds and "YES" to a perfectly artisan crafted gem that will make your eyes glisten with happiness every time you look at it. Our products are competitively priced to offer you a beautiful choice at an affordable cost, because we strongly believe that a gem representing your love should not cost your your future, yet should be every bit as beautiful as the woman you love. 

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