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SUPERNOVA Emerald Cut Loose Stone


The clarity of a jewel is so important with the unforgiving Emerald Cut. SUPERNOVA Moissanite Emerald Cut is a great demonstration of the this brand's stone purity.

Each SUPERNOVA Moissanite is cut precisely to be irresistible. The cut of this brand has been refined and adjusted to reduce the double refraction and the ‘disco-ball effect’, giving SUPERNOVA Moissanite a brilliant and natural look making this gemstone true colourless (DEF) moissanite without the undesired blue colour tint.


Emerald Cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite is available in industry standard sizes ranging from 4x2mm to 14x10mm.  Please browse through this page and decide if this beautiful stone is right for you.

Emerald Cut Loose Stone

  • Cut: Emerald

    Clarity: VVS

    Color: DEF

    Comes with the SUPERNOVA Certificate of Authenticity.


    **All prices in U.S. Dollars**


    NOTE: SUPERNOVA stone Carat Weight is listed as Diamond Equivalent Weight. Moissanite actual weight is lower than that of a Diamond, however the dimensions provided equal to the Ideal Cut Diamond proportions.

  • All of SUPERNOVA gems go through a triple point inspection before being sent out to ensure their perfect quality. However, if you are not fully satisfied with your loose stone purchase, NOVALLUMINA has a 10 day return policy for full refund, excluding shipping charges and restocking fees.


    NOTE: Please read our TERMS for additional details as conditions apply.